After the festive season...

Every year when Christmas and New Year come to an end the settling back into routine, a fresh start, a back to normal feeling can be useful after the heightened emotions of the festive season. For some the season is enjoyable, sociable, warm and embracing. However, for others it can be a time of sadness, loss, confusion, and a whirlwind of mixed emotions in one day.

Spending more time with some people or seeing people we don’t see very often combined with alcohol and intensified expectations can lead to many people losing sight of themselves, their self esteem and their awareness of what they need to do to look after themselves and meet their own emotional needs.

With the darkened days in January, echoes of festive events, financial, relationship, or health concerns, it can be a difficult time for many people. Meeting with a counsellor can help you to make sense of your fluctuating seasonal emotions and move towards a year where you can start to become aware of and meet your own needs.

Sarah Greaves