I attended counselling with Sarah earlier this year for a short period of time. Sarah uses a beautiful room within her home, which is large, but cosy and relaxing, and is furnished with comfortable sofas.

Sarah herself was always easy to contact and always responded to my texts and emails promptly. On first contact over the telephone, she made me feel comfortable and was easy to open up to and I decided to book my first session.

During the sessions, Sarah actively listened to me and prompted me with questions that I had never considered. She didn’t attempt to tell me what to do or suggest changes, instead she helped me to come to my own conclusions and encouraged me to try things out.

I felt safe and comfortable with Sarah and would highly recommend her services.
— Recent client, Slaithwaite
I tried counselling as a way to help me deal with anxiety issues and work-related stress, as I wanted to avoid medication if possible. I attended approximately every 2 weeks over a 3 month period. Having found Sarah through https://www.counselling-directory.org.uk, she was friendly and accommodating, and we managed to find a regular slot that worked.

After 2 or 3 sessions with Sarah I found I was making progress in understanding how different issues linked together, why it was understandable to feel like that, and how I could (with small steps) try and work through things. I hadn’t previously found counselling to be so useful, and was surprised at how helpful it was to talk through certain situations and difficult thinking patterns. I found that, on several occasions, talking with Sarah helped me change my own perspective and identify a way forward.

Having addressed a few key issues and with work stress reducing, I no longer have regular sessions. However, I am planning on going back to Sarah should I need to in future, as I found it so useful.